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Channing Pifer

Meet Channing Pifer

Operations Marketing Specialist

Channing Pifer, an esteemed member of Weinstein Legal Team since 2022, holds the position of Operations Marketing Specialist, specializing in PIP, Community Engagement, DEI initiatives, and Special Events. Armed with a distinguished academic background and a wealth of diverse professional experiences, Channing brings a unique and valuable skill set to the team.


Channing proudly holds an alma mater status at Westminster College, where she achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Complementing her primary degree, she also pursued a minor in Broadcast and Digital Communication Studies. Notably, she holds a certification in Nonprofit Management from the Edyth Bush Institute, further showcasing her dedication to community engagement and philanthropic endeavors.

Channing's professional journey commenced at the prestigious Walt Disney World, where she finely tuned her communication and customer engagement skills. She later transitioned into the nonprofit sector, making substantial contributions at United Way in roles focused on Cyber Crime and Resource Development. Driven by a desire to amalgamate her advocacy skills and marketing acumen, Channing found her calling at Weinstein Legal Team.

At the core of Channing's professional philosophy lies the "Why" - the driving force behind her steadfast dedication to advocacy and community engagement. Functioning as the bridge between the community and Weinstein Legal Team, Channing is steadfast in cultivating meaningful relationships. She firmly believes that these relationships are the bedrock for creating profound impacts and fostering remarkable outcomes.

Beyond her professional commitments, Channing cherishes quality time with her beloved pup. Her passion for community engagement extends outside the office, as she actively aligns her interests with local nonprofits and animal shelters.

Channing holds a significant role as an Executive Leadership Committee Member with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

Channing’s unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and fervent passion for fostering meaningful connections position her as an invaluable asset to Weinstein Legal Team. Her presence reinforces the firm's commitment to excellence and community engagement, embodying the ethos that drives us towards a brighter future.

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