Meet David Butz

Attorney at Law

David Butz, an Associate Attorney with the Weinstein Legal Team, is a dedicated professional specializing in Personal Injury and Personal Injury Protection Litigation. David’s legal journey commenced at Florida Atlantic University, where he pursued a major in Communications, setting the stage for his future advocacy skills. He then furthered his education at Nova Southeastern University Shephard Broad College of Law, where he made a significant mark. David actively engaged in National Trial Advocacy Competitions and was a valued member of The Stephen R. Booher American Inns of Court, showcasing his commitment to honing his advocacy talents.

Bar Admission
  • Florida Bar
  • Florida Atlantic University (Major in Communications)
  • Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law (J.D.)
Professional Associations
  • Associate Attorney, Weinstein Legal Team (Focus on Personal Injury and Personal Injury Protection Litigation)

During his time at law school, David's dedication to legal practice was evident as he interned with the Weinstein Legal Team for all three years, gaining invaluable experience and insight into personal injury law. Upon completing his legal education, David transitioned seamlessly into a full-time role as an attorney at Weinstein Legal.

With the Weinstein Legal Team, David's professional mission is rooted in advocacy and empathy. He passionately represents his clients during their most challenging times, providing a voice for those in need. His love for advocacy drives him to tirelessly fight for the rights and well-being of his clients, making a difference in their lives.

With a solid foundation of education, experience, and a compassionate approach, David continues to excel as a vital member of the Weinstein Legal Team, dedicated to delivering justice and support to those seeking assistance.

Professional Philosophy:

Mr. Butz wholeheartedly embraces his passion for advocacy at Weinstein Legal Team, standing as a steadfast voice for his clients throughout their toughest times.

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