West Palm Beach Offices

West Palm Beach Offices

Injured or arrested in West Palm Beach? If you or a loved one is facing a legal battle in Palm Beach County, our attorneys are here to help you seek justice. Our law firm is dedicated to helping injury victims and those facing criminal charges in Palm Beach County. Our West Palm Beach law office is conveniently located within a short walk of the Palm Beach County Courthouse, just south of the Flagler Memorial Bridge in Northbridge Tower. Our office is on the east side of N. Olive Ave between 4th and 5th Streets, and west of N. Flagler Dr and Flagler Park.

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Matt Shafran was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and supportive He made what would have otherwise been a nightmare experience much, much easier to deal with. He was very understanding about and able to address all of my concerns. He handled my case efficiently and successfully. I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in my situation or anything similar.

Michael Angelo

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515 N Flagler Drive, Suite 350 West Palm Beach, FL , 33401

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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Practice

At the Weinstein Legal Team, our clients are our first priority. We will fight vigorously to ensure the best possible results for each individual, regardless of the criminal charge. When you are facing criminal charges in West Palm Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach County, it is imperative you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

With years of experience, criminal defense attorney Matt Shafran will defend your rights and achieve the best positive outcome for your case. The criminal defense cases we handle in Palm Beach County include:

About the City of West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL is a bustling, modern metropolis, and the oldest incorporated municipality in the region of South Florida. Home to approx. 100,000, West Palm Beach is abundant with shopping, sports, and festivals, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Despite its beauty, West Palm Beach is also susceptible to crime. While Palm Beach County’s crime rates are declining (the violent crime rate decreased by 7.5% from 2017 to 2018), there is still a rate of 47.71 per 1,000 residents.

This means a higher rate of arrests than in many cities in the county and throughout South Florida. Seek representation immediately if you or a loved one has been arrested.

Crashes and injuries are also common in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents alone, Palm Beach County experienced over 16,000 injuries and fatalities in a single year, according to the most recent data. In fact, over 25% of crashes in Palm Beach County involve a pedestrian or cyclist, who is more vulnerable to severe injuries.

Injuries don’t pay for themselves – and neither do those who inflicted harm. Seek the justice you deserve by scheduling a free evaluation today.

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