Meet Tina Piñero

Director of BI Pre-Litigation

Tina Piñero , a highly proficient Director of BI Pre-Litigation at Weinstein Legal Team, boasts extensive experience spanning over 8 years, specializing in pre-suit matters within the Personal Injury domain. Her expertise encompasses a diverse range of cases, including auto accidents, trucking incidents, slip and falls, and animal attacks. Tina embarked on her legal journey after successfully completing her Associates of Science in Paralegal Studies at Broward College, laying the foundation for a prosperous career in Personal Injury.


As the esteemed Director of Pre-Litigation of the Bodily Injury department, Tina has played an integral role in highly acclaimed firms across South Florida, showcasing exceptional case management abilities while overseeing thousands of cases during her career. Her dedication to being a reliable support system for individuals facing challenging times underscores her commitment to assisting others in her role as a Director of BI Pre-Litigation .

Beyond her legal endeavors, Tina is deeply passionate about empowering individuals to navigate their difficulties. As a proficient freelance Makeup Artist, she dedicates her time and expertise to help people recognize their unique beauty and bolster their self-esteem. Tina's dedication to giving back extends to her desire to collaborate with Women’s charities, aiming to bring hope and support to women in need.

With her proud Puerto Rican heritage, Tina is not only fluent in both English and Spanish but also possesses a deep cultural understanding, enhancing her ability to connect with and assist a diverse range of individuals. Tina Piñero's multifaceted talents, compassion, and unwavering commitment to community service make her an indispensable asset to Weinstein Legal Team and a beacon of support for all those she interacts with.

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