Charged with a White Collar Crime in Florida: What Now?

You must hire a white collar crime lawyer immediately once you are aware that you are facing charges. The term white collar crime encompasses a wide range of offenses. They are all serious indictments that can land you in jail, facing huge fines and costs of restitution.

There are many felony white collar crimes. A felony conviction may prevent companies from hiring you, will cause you to lose your right to vote for the duration of a jail or prison sentence, and you will not be permitted to purchase a firearm. For this reason, it is imperative to hire an aggressive white collar crime defense team.

There are also many social consequences associated with white collar crime convictions. Your reputation will be damaged, and you may experience relationship problems with family and friends. If you share custody of your children, your co-parent may try to use the charge against you in family court.

Do not wait to hire a white collar crime defense attorney. Partner Matt Shafran at Weinstein Legal, head of the Criminal Defense Division, has vast experience in the field of fighting such charges. He will work tirelessly to clear your name, help you avoid consequences, and have the charges reduced or dismissed.

What Is White Collar Crime?

There are many kinds of white collar crimes, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Examples of white collar crimes include money scams or financial fraud, computer and technology-related crimes, exploitation of the elderly, forgery or counterfeiting, check fraud, prescription or insurance fraud, bribery and misuse of public office, racketeering, insider trading, and more.

You can read a comprehensive explanation of Florida white collar crimes and a full breakdown of the consequences associated with each on the official Florida government website.

Whether a white collar crime is charged as a misdemeanor depends on many factors. Conspiracy charges are typically prosecuted as felonies, as are any crimes involving the government or public office. Additionally, the number of victims that are affected by the crime, as well as the amount of money involved, come into play.

No matter whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, a white collar crime lawyer is your best chance of having a favorable outcome in court. Even misdemeanor white collar crimes can have a significant impact on your life.

Many employers will not hire those who have been convicted of fraud charges regardless of whether or not they were deemed a felony. Do not leave your future in the hands of a judge and jury alone. Hire a white collar crime defense lawyer as soon as possible to start forming your defense.

Penalties for White Collar Crimes

Just as there are many kinds of white collar crimes, there are many different penalties you may face. The severity of the consequences depends on the specific charge, whether you have prior convictions, and who else was involved in the crime.

You might be ordered to pay full restitution to each victim if there was monetary fraud involved, as well as all court costs. Convictions for some white collar crimes may lead to as much as $500,000 in fines in addition to restitution. You could potentially face over a million dollars in combined fines and restitution, depending on your crime.

You may also be sentenced to jail or prison time, placed on probation, lose professional licenses, and more. For example, you may be disbarred from practicing as a lawyer or lose your medical license. These are not penalties that you want to chance incurring. Hiring a white collar crime lawyer is essential in fighting your case.

How a White Collar Crime Defense Team Can Help

Having a white collar crime defense attorney will significantly help your chances of having a positive outcome in a court of law. A lawyer may be able to negotiate your charges with the prosecutor, and have them reduced from a misdemeanor to a felony, or provide you the option to plea out on a lesser charge.

Additionally, a white collar crime lawyer may be able to have your charges dropped. They will form a strong defense that you are innocent of the crimes of which you are accused. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is on the prosecutor's office, and they must prove that you are responsible for the alleged charges beyond a reasonable doubt in order for you to be convicted.

With an aggressive lawyer on your side, there is a chance to beat the prosecution. You may be able to avoid prison time, and if you are a licensed professional, you may be able to avoid losing your license. It is truly a matter of protecting your future, as well as your family.

Hiring a White Collar Crime Lawyer

Do not simply hire any lawyer for your white collar crime defense. You need a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in defending individuals charged with white collar crimes. One who understands the many nuances associated with each charge.

For that reason, contact Weinstein Legal when selecting a white collar defense attorney in Florida. Matt Shafran has years of experience defending those facing white collar criminal charges. He will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Do not wait to hire a white collar crime lawyer. It is essential that you take action immediately so that a defense team can begin collecting evidence that is in your favor. The prosecution is already working on your case. Make sure that a defense team is working on yours as well.

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