Most Common Injuries from a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle injuries are extremely common. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bike accident injuries resulting from falls and collisions are most often reported between 6 pm and 9 pm, with 75% of all crashes occurring in urban areas. Additionally, men are more than 8x as likely to sustain a bike injury compared to women.

There are many contributing factors to these accidents, including poor driver vision, motorists who disobey the traffic laws, careless or reckless driving, and environmental hazards on the road. 

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Physical Injuries from a Bike Accident

There are many different types of physical bike accident injuries and they can be the result of many different circumstances. Perhaps a driver on the road did not follow the proper traffic rules, such as blowing a stop sign or red light, causing a crash. Or maybe you sustain an injury as the result of a pedestrian who acts with negligence, stepping out into your path when you have the right of way. Still, you may also injure yourself when riding over roads or property that are not adequately maintained. If this is the case, you may be entitled to significant compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and more. 

Common physical bike accident injuries include:

  • Trauma to the upper and lower extremities, including shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, and feet. Injuries may include bone breaks and fractures, soft tissue injuries, joint dislocation, and more.
  • Head trauma and concussion. Injuries may include skull fractures, brain contusions, and more.
  • Injury to the head and face, including cuts, wounds, facial fractures, dental fractures, and more.
  • Injury to the abdomen or back, including broken ribs or trauma to internal organs such as the pancreas or spleen. 
  • Pelvic fractures. 

If you are in an accident while riding a bike, it is essential that you seek medical care immediately. Often, adrenaline and the shock of an accident may suppress the feeling of injury leading you to believe you aren't hurt. Or, you may think that you are a little bruised up but not injured badly. However, it is always best to seek medical sooner rather than later for your personal injury case.

If there is another person or motorist involved in the accident, make sure you file a police report at the scene. Request EMS care to evaluate you on-site. Follow all recommendations of law enforcement and EMTs, such as visiting the emergency room for treatment. Not doing so can negatively affect your personal injury case. 

Sometimes, elements such as loose gravel or broken sidewalks can cause bike riders to fall and injure themselves. Even if there is not another person involved in your accident, another party may still be deemed negligent. It is often the duty of the town or city to maintain safe roads and sidewalks. If your injury results from a failure to uphold this duty, they may be liable. Contact the authorities to document the accident and take pictures of the scene. Next, seek medical care as soon as possible and then call a personal injury attorney.

Emotional Trauma from Bicycle Injuries

Bike accident injuries are certainly challenging physically. This is particularly true if riding your bike is your main method of transportation. It may be how you get to work every day or it may just be your favorite hobby. Recovering from physical injuries is difficult enough, but there's also a great deal of emotional trauma that can accompany an injury. This trauma is not to be taken lightly, and you may be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering. 

Emotional trauma from bicycle injuries includes:

  • The need to see a therapist to cope with feelings of depression or anxiety following an accident
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Panic Disorder 
  • A lower quality of life as the result of an accident

Seeing a therapist can be quite expensive over time and while your physical injuries are certainly difficult to cope with, these emotional burdens can be even worse. 

When you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney they will know how to take all of this into account when filing your claim. You may be entitled to receive monetary compensation above what your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage amount to.

Furthermore, serious accidents often lead to lasting trauma. Many individuals report feelings of anxiety, fear, or depression. You may have flashbacks of your accident, nightmares, or develop insomnia. This is all part of emotional trauma, and you deserve compensation. 

Recovering from a Bike Accident

The road to recovery from bicycle injuries can be long and filled with unforeseen complications, which is why contacting a personal injury lawyer is so essential. While the upfront medical bills and lost wages immediately following an injury can be sticker shock enough, many individuals don't take into account what will happen further down the line.

You may not yet know how your injuries will impact you into the future, or for how long. If you are out of work you may not know when you will be able to return. Additionally, you may have medical costs for years to come if your injuries are serious enough. Some injuries, even those without serious trauma or life-threatening effects, can cause chronic pain. You deserve to be compensated for your future experiences as well. 

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Recovering from bike accident injuries can be challenging. You have your physical injuries to care for, your emotional self to care for, as well as your family. It can be an overwhelming time. You need the best legal representation possible advocating for your rights to the insurance companies, to the opposing party's lawyer, and in a court of law. Most of all, you need a personal injury lawyer that won't back down and will not accept a settlement that's less than you deserve.

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