How Long Should You Be Sore After an Auto Accident?

How long should you be sore after a car accident? This is a common question that we hear from many individuals in the days and weeks following a crash. While everyone hopes that they are feeling back to normal again as soon as possible, the reality is that body aches and pains from a car accident, even a minor fender bender, can stick around longer than we would like. Sometimes, these seemingly minor body pains signify that there may be a more serious underlying physical injury that needs to be addressed by medical professionals.

For this reason, you should always seek medical care and evaluation as soon as possible following a car accident, even if you believe that you are not injured. After a car crash, it is likely that your adrenaline is pumping, and your body may be in shock. This can diminish pain and mask symptoms of a serious injury. It is common for individuals not to feel pain until the next day, or sometimes even several days later.

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However, the longer you wait to seek medical care, the more it can negatively impact your chances of receiving a personal injury settlement following a crash. Additionally, the state of Florida has the 14-day rule, which states you must have initial contact with a doctor for your injuries within the first two weeks in order for an insurance company to pay out certain benefits.

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What Injuries Cause Soreness After a Car Accident?

There are many common injuries that can cause a person to be sore after a car accident. While you may notice some of these injuries immediately, it may take some time for others to become apparent. However, there are telltale signs and symptoms that EMTs and doctors know to look for in patients who have just been involved in a car crash. Seeking care immediately, even if you do not believe you are injured initially, can significantly increase your chances of gaining a full recovery. Additionally, injuries that go untreated can lead to worsening symptoms and long-term damage.

The most common injuries that cause soreness after a car crash include:

  • Whiplash–an injury that occurs when your body jerks forward and backward very quickly as the result of force.
  • Concussions–a mild traumatic brain injury, one which can present a delayed onset of symptoms.
  • Soft tissue injuries–including muscle soreness.
  • Injuries that result from impact–such as a sore head, shoulder, and more.
  • Bone fractures–many people do not experience total loss of motion with a bone fracture as they do with a complete break and may therefore not realize they are badly injured.
  • Torn ligaments, injured tendons, and strained joints.

Many people assume that soreness after a car accident is normal and to be expected, and while this may be true, it does not mean that you do not have an injury that requires treatment. If you are experiencing any pain whatsoever following a crash, it is best to seek a medical evaluation right away. Only a doctor can tell you the proper form of treatment and how long you will need to rest to avoid further injury. Additionally, they may recommend follow-up treatment.

If another person is responsible for your car accident and you do require medical treatment, they may be liable and have to pay for your medical bills. Additionally, you may require time off of work to recover, and ancillary treatments such as chiropractic care and physical therapy. It may be possible to recover compensation for your lost wages, your medical costs, as well as pain and suffering, and more. However, you must have well-documented diagnoses and treatment and you must act quickly to secure your settlement.

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Soreness After an Accident?

Many people experience soreness after a car accident, and many individuals ask how long should you be sore after a car accident. While there are many common injuries that can result in aches and pains, other times the cause is not so easily identified.

Sometimes, people experience pain following a car accident and they cannot pinpoint the injury that is causing it. However, there are common reasons for soreness after an accident of which you should be aware.

Common reasons for pain after a car crash include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Bruising
  • Over-extension of a muscle or joint

Many times, drivers and passengers will experience great force on their bodies during a car accident, and this can result in injuries that are hard to spot yet can be just as painful. Sprains, strains, bruises, and over-extending certain muscles and joints are among the most common causes. If you are wondering how long should you be sore after a car accident and a medical doctor has cleared you of any major injuries, your body may be responding to the force of impact and you may have these minor conditions which require rest to heal.

How an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you are experiencing pain after a car accident, do not wait to contact a car accident lawyer in Florida such as Justin Weinstein at Weinstein Legal. There are many ways that an auto accident injury lawyer can help you gain the compensation you deserve, whether that be through an insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit.

Mr. Weinstein and his legal team can assist you with the following:

  • Car crash investigators can look into and recreate the scene of the accident, proving why you are not the one responsible.
  • Private investigators can contact eyewitnesses and gather testimony on your behalf, to later be presented to insurance companies or in a court of law.
  • The legal team will handle much of the tedious communication with the insurance companies, easing the burden of stress on you and your loved ones during this challenging time allowing you to focus on recovery.
  • The legal team can adequately assess the full value of your claim and ensure that the opposing party's representatives do not attempt to offer you less than what your claim is worth.
  • You will be advised on all the applicable costs that you can include in your settlement demand, including little-known elements such as the cost of over-the-counter medication, childcare, and more.

How long should you be sore after a car accident? The answer is different for every individual and will depend on your unique injuries and the facts surrounding your case. Many people experience pain after a car accident. However, please be aware that you may be entitled to financial compensation as a result of your injuries.

To receive the settlement that you are entitled to, you must act quickly and aggressively. You must have a legal team fighting to protect your rights, advocating on your behalf to insurance companies and lawyers on the opposing side. You need a team that will not accept an offer that is less than what your case is worth.

Weinstein Legal and personal injury attorney Justin Weinstein are who you need fighting on your side. For a free case evaluation, free of any obligation, contact our law offices today. Our phones are available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. Call 954-845-0505 and ask for Mr. Weinstein today.

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