Video: I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney. What next?

i need a criminal defense lawyer

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? Don't hesitate to contact us and speak to Criminal Defense Attorney, Matt Shafran. Every situation is different and requires a personalized strategy. That is why Matt carefully reviews your case for specific details that are key to determining the best method for fighting on your behalf.

Video Transcript:


Hi, I'm Matt Shafran, partner of Weinstein Legal. I manage the criminal defense division of the West Palm Beach office of the firm. A lot of people wonder, "What happens when I want to hire a criminal defense attorney?"

When you come into my office, or when you call me on the phone, we're going to go through a variety of different things. First, we're going to go through your case: What are the allegations? What are the charges? What do the police reports say? What do the witness reports say? And after that, we're going to determine how best to fight your case and defend you. Every person's situation is different, and when you need a lawyer, you can count on me.

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