What Does a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Law Firm Investigator Do?

Following a personal injury accident, all parties involved will have their own version of events. A victim will have their point of view, the at-fault party will have an opposing view, and the insurance company will have a view that offers the least possible pay out.

To keep the ruling of personal injury lawsuits fair, personal injury law firm investigators, also known as legal investigators, assist attorneys in the preparation of litigation. For each case that is brought to a personal injury attorney Fort Lauderdale, a legal investigator is behind the scenes gathering facts necessary to try the case.

Personal injury law firm investigator taking photos from vehicle window

For more detail on what a Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm investigator is, and their role within a personal injury claim, continue reading.

What Is a Personal Injury Law Firm Investigator?

A personal injury law firm investigator is responsible for searching out and reporting facts which an attorney can then use to build his or her case for a client. Legal investigators gather physical, testimonial, and documentary evidence which assembles as complete a factual picture of the situation as possible.

The role of legal investigators is critical to maintaining the justice system. In personal injury cases, their job is to determine the responsibility for what happened as well as uncover all details relating to the case through tangible and concrete evidence. Essentially, a personal injury law firm investigator is in constant pursuit of the truth. Only with having true, proven facts at hand can an attorney intelligently proceed in the best interests of the client.

In a Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm, a legal investigator is highly trained in techniques of fact finding and forensic procedures as well as human relations. Most Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firms, including Weinstein Legal, employ one or more personal injury law firm investigator, whether as staff employees or independent contractors, in order to adequately prepare a case for trial.

Role of a Personal Injury Law Firm Investigator

A legal investigator has several roles within a Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm. Following an accident, the legal investigator is responsible for interviewing potential witnesses, examining the scene, and collecting as much evidence as possible. It is their goal to paint an accurate picture of how and why a personal injury accident occurred.

Additionally, legal investigators must bear in mind privacy laws. Despite what an individual may be accused of, they are still protected under strict privacy laws. Therefore, any surveillance conducted or evidence collected must adhere to these guidelines. Otherwise, penalties for disregarding the restrictions range from the court barring the evidence to grave legal liabilities.

Roles of Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm investigators include:

  • Surveillance and interviewing
  • Accident scene reconstruction
  • Forensic and situational analysis
  • Investigating across state and county lines

Have you been injured in a personal injury accident? If you were at limited- to no-fault, you may be eligible for compensation for your damages. When you work with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm like Weinstein Legal, a dedicated legal investigator will be on your team to track down any evidence that could support your case. Contact the Weinstein Legal Team today to get started.

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