Meet Denise Klee

Director of PIP Litigation

Denise Klee, holding the esteemed position of PIP Litigation Director with Weinstein Legal Team, brings over a decade and a half since 2006 of invaluable experience as a Litigation Paralegal across diverse legal domains, including Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Civil Litigation. Within the firm, she harnesses her extensive litigation expertise to passionately advocate for the rights of our clients and serves as a guiding mentor to her team.


Originally hailing from Managua, Nicaragua, Denise began her journey in the United States at a young age. She currently resides in South Florida, embracing her multicultural background and proudly communicating fluently in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. This linguistic versatility enhances her ability to connect with a broad spectrum of clients, enabling effective and empathetic assistance.

In her well-deserved leisure moments, Denise finds joy in embarking on road trips and cherishing quality time with her family. She also indulges in her passion for baking and immersing herself in the captivating worlds of books. Denise’s dedication to her work, commitment to mentorship, and vibrant approach to life make her a true asset to Weinstein Legal Team.

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