Weinstein Legal Team

Mariana Lindner

Meet Mariana Linder

Criminal Legal Assistant

Mariana Lindner is an integral member of the Criminal Defense Department with Weinstein Legal Team, where she champions the cause of justice with unwavering dedication as our Criminal Legal Assistant. Graduating with distinction from Florida International University, Mariana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice alongside a Pre-Law Certificate, marking a significant milestone in her family as the first college graduate.


With a diverse background spanning the criminal justice landscape, Mariana's journey embodies a fusion of experience and passion. Prior to joining Weinstein Legal Team, she served as a 911 Communications Operator, mastering the art of effective communication and conflict resolution with grace and respect. This foundation in public service underscores Mariana's steadfast commitment to aiding others and fostering positive change.

Rooted in her Florida upbringing she is deeply connected to her Peruvian heritage. Mariana is fluent in both English and Spanish, enabling her to create meaningful connections within her community.

Mariana's proactive presence and genuine concern for her community epitomize the firm's commitment to upholding The Law of WE, ensuring that justice and advocacy are accessible to all.

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