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At the Weinstein Legal Team, we believe that you should always be informed before taking any type of legal action. Before you dive immediately into a case, you deserve to understand your rights, what your possible compensation could be, and what exactly it is that your current auto insurance is covering.

While there's no predicting when and where an accident could take place, it is possible to prepare yourself financially and legally. Understanding what's covered by your auto insurance policy prior to buckling in can save you time, money, and peace of mind. However, at Weinstein Legal we understand these policies can be confusing. That's why we're now offering a 100% free auto insurance coverage consultation.

Get Your Free Florida Auto Insurance Coverage Consultation

Understand What's Covered Before It's Too Late

Car accidents can happen when you least expect it. Even if you're practicing defensive driving, obeying traffic laws, and keeping your eyes on the road, there's no controlling the safety of other drivers. In the same way you click on your seat belt before driving off, make sure that your car insurance policy has you just as secure.

In the state of Florida, all drivers are required to have at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and $10,000 in Property Damage Liability coverage. When an insured driver is involved in an accident, the PIP portion of their policy will pay for the medical expenses and specific non-medical related costs no matter who was “at-fault” for the accident. The required Property Damage Liability coverage will cover the other driver's property damage should you cause the accident. However, most drivers should also have Bodily Injury ("BI") insurance, and Underinsured Motorist or Uninsured Motorist ("UM") coverage.

Is your level of coverage adequate? How do they compare to that of other drivers in your area? These are questions our personal injury attorneys can assist with.

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Our fast and confidential free case evaluation form has always been available for clients, such that they can have easy access to help whenever they need it. But now, you can give us a call or send us an email at any time to receive a free auto insurance coverage consultation from our car accident lawyers.

At the Weinstein Legal Team, we're eager to answer any questions you might have and provide you with advice that we've acquired through our years of experience in personal injury car accident cases. Allowing our clients to be confident in their policies before they head onto the road is important to us. Your consultation is FREE - send over your questions or concerns about your auto insurance coverage to or give us a call at anytime at 954-845-0505.

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Weinstein Legal will always put our client's best interests first. By developing a responsive relationship with each client, you can count on us to always answer your call. Rest assured that your financial and legal rights are a top priority.

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