What To Do If Hit By An Uninsured Driver While Riding Your Bicycle

Getting hit by a car while riding your bicycle can be a terrifying experience for even the most seasoned riders. However, finding out that the driver was uninsured can worsen an already stressful situation.

If you or a loved one has found yourself in a similar situation after a bicycle accident, rest assured you may still have options - keep reading to learn more.

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What To Do Immediately After Being Hit By A Car On Your Bike

Being involved in a bicycle accident with a vehicle can be a traumatic experience. To protect your safety and well-being, you need to take certain steps immediately after the accident.

Gather Information

Try to get the driver’s name, address, and, if available, insurance details. Look around for people who saw the incident and ask them if you can give their names when you tell your story later. Make sure to take photos of the accident scene, including any skid marks on the road, damage to your bike, and any injuries you sustained.

Write down everything about the accident as soon as possible so you don't forget any important details. This includes where and when the accident happened and how it took place. Make a note of things like traffic lights or signs, as they could provide information about who had the right of way.

All this information will be helpful if you have to prove the incident in court or to an insurance company.

Report Accident To Police And Insurance

Even if it's just a minor accident, a police report can be an important document that records how the accident happened. It proves the accident occurred and shows who was involved — especially important if it was an uninsured driver. If you are brought to the hospital before speaking to an officer, do your best to follow up with the police to obtain a copy of the report.

Then, you will have to contact your insurance company to inform them of the bike accident. It is best for you to retain an attorney first, who will then report your claim to the insurance company while also protecting your rights. You'll need to do this quickly, as many insurers have deadlines for reporting accidents. Make sure to share any information you've gathered with your attorney, including photos and witness contacts.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you think you feel fine, you should see a doctor immediately following an accident. A doctor will check whether you’ve sustained any injuries and prescribe any necessary treatment. This step isn’t only about your health but also documenting your injuries, which is important if you want to ask for money later.

If the driver who hit you was uninsured, this record will help you if you seek compensation through other means, such as uninsured motorist insurance or a personal injury lawsuit.

Always put your well-being first and realize these documents will be used as evidence in case you need them later in legal matters.

Compensation Options After Your Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can result in extensive injuries, leading to long-term consequences such as medical bills, lost wages due to missed work, and even permanent disability. If you've been involved in a bicycle accident, it's important that you're aware of the compensation options available to you.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (“UM”) Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage can help you if you're hit by a driver without auto insurance while riding your bike. This type of coverage is part of your car insurance policy. It pays for injuries or damages if the at-fault driver can't pay the costs because they’re uninsured.

In Florida, purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is smart because you'll often encounter drivers who aren't properly insured or have very low insurance limits. That is why uninsured motorists also refer to underinsured motorists.

Check your policy to see if you have this coverage. If so, you may be compensated for medical bills and pain and suffering after a bicycle accident caused by an uninsured driver.

Florida law also requires insurance companies to offer UM insurance to all policyholders. If the policyholder rejects the UM insurance, it must be on a signed UM Rejection form in order for the insurance company to deny UM coverage.

File A Personal Injury Claim

With a personal injury claim, the cyclist can assert a claim against the car driver who hit him. In doing so, the bicyclist will explain to the judge and jury how he was injured in the accident and why the other person should be held responsible for his medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A personal injury lawsuit can be especially helpful if the driver is uninsured or his insurance policy is insufficient to cover the sustained damages.

Work with an experienced bicycle accident attorney when filing a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney familiar with bicycle accidents will fight tirelessly for your rights in court. They will gather important evidence, speak with witnesses, and use traffic law to show that you’re entitled to compensation for the damages you have suffered.


The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The consequences of a bicycle accident can be overwhelming, especially when an uninsured motorist is involved. Legal action may be necessary to recover damages and put the incident behind you. While you may be tempted to pursue legal action on your own, the legal system's complexity makes it important to hire an experienced bicycle accident attorney.

Risks Of Negotiating Alone

The legal intricacies involved in a claim for an uninsured bicycle accident can be overwhelming to navigate alone. The legal details of such a claim can be complicated, and determining fault can be difficult without experienced legal help. In addition, insurance companies may take advantage of this lack of legal representation of individuals by offering compensation that is disproportionate to the actual damages incurred.

An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help protect an individual's rights and negotiate a favorable settlement. They can also guide an individual through the legal procedures of an uninsured motorist claim while ensuring that the insurance company acts in good faith.

Preserving Your Legal Rights

An attorney can help protect a person's rights throughout the case, from the accident investigation to the final settlement. They can also help collect and preserve evidence at the accident scene.

Gathering and preserving evidence is crucial to the success of a claim, and an attorney can ensure that no important details that may impact the case are overlooked. Attorneys are also well-versed in the complex legal aspects of an uninsured bicycle accident claim, and their invaluable legal advice is necessary for anyone seeking to protect their rights after a bicycle accident.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer For Your Case

Choosing the right bicycle accident lawyer is crucial as it can greatly affect the case outcome. Among the many attorneys available, it's important to choose one who specializes in representing bicycle accident victims and has a wealth of experience in such cases.

When making this choice, it's important to carefully consider the lawyer's background, knowledge, and track record to assess their suitability for the case.

Speak To An Attorney About Your Bicycle Accident Today

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