The Benefit to Hiring an Attorney for a Personal Injury Investigation

Personal injury investigators can help an insurance claim or negligence lawsuit immensely. If you are in the midst of a case, you must hire a legal team with access to the correct parties to best support your compensation claim. Establishing liability and negligence in a personal injury case can be a tedious process, with much paperwork and red tape to overcome before you see victory in a court of law. However, having investigators working hard on your side to gather evidence, eye witness testimony, and expert corroboration is key. Whether you require assistance with auto accident investigations, a slip and fall case, or any other type of personal injury claim or lawsuit, Weinstein Legal is here to help.

Hiring a law firm with access to professionals such as personal injury investigators, medical and subject matter experts, car crash reconstructionists, and more can help you attain a favorable outcome regarding your case. At the Weinstein Legal Team, not only is personal injury attorney Justin Weinstein available to negotiate for compensation on your behalf aggressively, but we use all of our resources to pool the very best experts in the field to help substantiate your case and maximize your settlement amount.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to another party's negligence, don't wait. The sooner you act, the better your chances in court. Contact the Weinstein Legal Team today for a free case evaluation from a leading personal injury attorney in Florida. Call 954-845-0505 and speak to Justin Weinstein privately today.

The Investigative Process for a Personal Injury Claim

Many individuals are familiar with the type of investigations that occur following a crime. Still, many are surprised to learn that there are also personal injury investigators responsible for this unique type of claim. While a personal injury case is vastly different from a criminal one in many ways, there are still auto accident investigations and personal injury inquiries to determine fault, liability, and negligence. A thorough investigation is crucial when seeking a large sum of money from another person or organization if they are responsible for your injury.

Common questions that investigations seek to answer include the cause of your accident or injury, the reason it occurred, what could have been done to prevent it, and more. Investigators will review police and medical reports and may attempt to recreate the accident. It is common for investigators to examine the scene of the injury and interview individuals who were present at the time of the event or those familiar with the property on which it occurred.

Additionally, personal injury investigators will help gather witness and expert testimony, clarifying the circumstances of your accident, your medical prognosis, and more. This process can help the courts or insurance companies determine which party is responsible for your injury and how much your claim is worth.

Is Evidence Gathered by a Private Investigator Admissible in Court?

The most considerable concern most individuals have regarding the information collected during a personal injury investigation is whether or not the evidence they gather will be admissible in a court of law. After all, the purpose of your investigation is to support and bolster your compensation claim. The answer is that yes, as long as your personal injury investigator gathers all of their evidence and information in a legal fashion, it will be admissible in court–whether that be to a judge or jury. The information will also be admissible to insurance companies if you are filing a claim.

Additionally, a private investigator may testify in court themselves, providing information on their learnings through the investigation. They may also provide information regarding conversations with other people, video, photos, and audio files obtained legally in public or with all involved parties' consent, and more. Ultimately, the testimony and evidence gathered by a personal injury investigator can help seal the fate of your case to the courts.

Knowing that all legally obtained information and evidence will be admissible in a court of law is essential, but what makes this evidence "legal?" Private investigators are legally considered to be private citizens and not official members of law enforcement. This means that they do not have to obtain search warrants; they do not have to read a person any rights, and more. However, they must still follow all laws that apply to private citizens.

Personal injury investigators can legally gather any evidence that is generally accessible to the public. Anything they overhear in a public space, or any video or audio they take in a public space, is generally admissible. However, they cannot participate in activities such as secretly tape recording conversations, searching other individuals' homes, and more.

It is crucial that you work with personal injury investigators who have close working relationships with a law firm and ample experience working in their field. This can help ensure that all relevant information will be obtained legally and will therefore be admissible in court in the future.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

If you or a loved one have sustained an injury as the result of another party's negligence, contact Weinstein Legal for a free case evaluation today. Personal injury attorney Justin Weinstein has years of experience advocating on victims' behalf in a court of law and to insurance companies, ensuring that clients never settle for compensation that is less than adequate.

Additionally, the team at Weinstein Legal has close working relationships with auto accident investigators, personal injury investigators, and a wide range of medical and subject matter experts. We will employ the services of as many professionals as necessary to prove your case and maximize your settlement claim.

Do not wait to contact a personal injury attorney. Every day that passes is a day that the opposing party and their insurance company are working to prove they are not liable for your injury and the compensation you deserve. Contact the Weinstein Legal Team today and ask for personal injury attorney Justin Weinstein. Call 954-845-0505.

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