6 Shocking 2018 Broward County Auto Accident Statistics

If you've been living in Florida for any period of time, you've likely become very familiar with the site of auto accidents crowding the side of the road. Especially in South Florida, where Broward County and Miami-Dade County lead the state for the most car crashes of 2019, it's near-impossible to go a week without spotting at least one auto accident.

At the Weinstein Legal Team, our practice is located in the heart of Broward County. We see firsthand the devastation that Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, and other Broward cities suffer due to car crashes. 2019 was a year full of shocking car crash statistics, and Broward County was no exception. Keep reading to discover the 6 most surprising crash statistics of 2019, as told by Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys.

Broward County emergency services rescuing car accident victim from damaged vehicle

1. Total Crashes Of 2019

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle commission, Broward County experienced the second most auto accidents in Florida in 2019, totaling 41,106 crashes. Coming in first place, Miami-Dade County experienced 64,735 auto accidents. Combined, both counties were the location of 105,841 accidents. In comparison, the entire state of Florida experienced 400,863 auto accidents in 2019. This means that Broward and Miami-Dade Counties alone were responsible for more than one-fourth of the accidents in the entire state.

2. 2019 Injury Recap

Broward County was the site of 16,184 injury crashes in 2019. In total, the amount of injuries caused by auto accidents amounted to 23,693. Unfortunately, an additional 203 individuals were killed from injuries they sustained in the crash.

3. Commercial Vehicle Accidents

It's not news that Broward County is a hot spot for commercial vehicle accidents. Whether they're large trucks or smaller delivery vans, Florida drivers frequently collide with commercial vehicles. In fact, 2018 saw 4,221 commercial vehicle accidents involving 4,477 commercial vehicles.

4. The Population To Accident Ratio

Currently, the state of Florida is home to 21.48 million people. Of this number, 1.953 million are living in Broward County. Therefore, Broward County residents make up approximately 9.1 percent of the Floridian population. However, when analyzing the total amount of accidents that occurred in Florida in 2019, Broward County car crashes represent over 10 percent of Floridian auto accidents.

5. One In How Many Will Crash?

The nearly 2 million residents living in Broward County in 2019 were responsible for 41,106 accidents. Using these numbers, it can be deduced that 23 of every 1,000 residents will be in an accident per year in Broward County. With that number in mind, are you prepared in the case of an accident? Do you know what's covered in your auto insurance policy?

6. Pedestrian Accidents

It is estimated that approximately 11 percent of the total pedestrian accidents in the state took place in South Florida. This isn't too surprising when one considers that the city of Fort Lauderdale alone is ranked as the second-worst city of all-time for bicycle and pedestrian safety. In 2019, there were 1,081 pedestrian crashes, which resulted in 52 fatalities. There were an additional 715 bicycle crashes, which resulted in 11 fatalities.

As we continue through 2020, we urge you to be careful on Broward County roads. In the unfortunate case that you are involved in a car crash, don't hesitate to contact the Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys at Weinstein Legal.

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