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Katherine Pierre

Meet Katherine Pierre

Senior Case Manager

Katherine Pierre, a seasoned Senior Case Manager at Weinstein Legal Team, possesses an impressive 14-year track record in personal injury case management. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with distinguished law firms in South Florida, assisting thousands of personal injury clients in navigating their cases with exceptional outcomes from inception to resolution. Her passion for the legal field, deep care for her clients, and respect for her peers resonate strongly in her work.


Born and raised in vibrant Miami, Florida, Katherine proudly embraces her Haitian heritage and is fluent in both Haitian-Creole and English. Beyond her professional endeavors, she wears multiple hats. In her free time, Katherine excels as a Real Estate Agent and manages her own clothing line. As a dedicated mother to a high school-aged son, she cherishes family moments, embarking on road trips, enjoying movies, and indulging in weekend getaways with loved ones.

In addition to her remarkable professional and personal pursuits, Katherine founded and hosts "The Big Girls Table," an empowering event aimed at educating women about homeownership, entrepreneurship, and marketing. She finds immense fulfillment in making a positive impact on individuals' lives, whether on a small or grand scale, and remains committed to giving back to her community.

Katherine Pierre embodies resilience, dedication, and a genuine desire to uplift and educate those around her. Her multifaceted contributions, both within and outside the legal realm, make her an asset to the Weinstein Legal Team and an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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